Burke Station Park

So at the beginning of November, one of my favorite places in the world, Beulah Park, closed for the winter. The Park Authority closed up the gates to the ballfields and locked up the bathrooms. This left me without my big open field to run around and catch frisbees and tennis balls. But no fear because I’ve discovered a new favorite place, Burke Station Park! This is a park that’s right down the street from Amy’s parents’ house. We go over there about twice a week. It’s hidden in the woods so it’s pretty secluded. Amy and David let me run around on the tennis courts. I love it! This is me getting ready to take off chasing after the tennis ball.

This is me running back with the ball…I have floppy ears.

After I a few rounds of fetch, we head out into the woods behind the tennis courts. We walk along paths in the woods and then down to the edge of a little stream.

The stream is perfect because most of it isn’t very deep so I can just wade in the water, which I love to do.

Amy promises that we’ll go back soon, I sure do hope so!

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