Great Falls

On Saturday I had quite the adventure. David, Amy, Kaitlyn (Amy’s niece) and I went to Great Falls National Park. It was one of the best places ever! I know that I’ve said that a bunch, like about Lake Accotink and Beulah Park and Burke Station Park, but this time I really mean it. Even though it’s March, the weather the past few days has been super warm and Saturday was a day you just couldn’t spend all cooped up inside. So, we all headed off to Great Falls. Well, apparently a lot of other folks had the same idea because we sat in the car, waiting in a long line trying to get into the park. It was all worth it though. I had never seen anything like it in my life. Look at these rapids!

We wanted to get a better view of the water so we climbed all over these big rocks and boulders. At first, I was a little hesitant and Amy had to wait for me as I figured out how to move around.

But pretty soon I was getting the hang of it.

And I was having to wait for Amy! Come on, hurry up!

I had never climbed so much before so we did take some breaks. Here are David, Kaitlyn and I. I think Kaitlyn loved climbing the rocks as much as I did.

Ah what a view! I hope that we get to come back soon so we can go exploring even more.

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