The Bike is Back

Saturday was a beautifl day with the temps in the 60’s. Everyone spent the day outside, including me! Amy and I went back out for a bike ride. It had been a while since we’d gone bike riding so I got tired a bit earlier than usual but I had fun. Even though I like the cold weather and snow, I also like the warmer weather because the days are longer so I can spend more time outside.

Unlike last Sunday, when it snowed and snowed, today it’s been sunny but very windy. Of course, this would be the day that I had to get a bath. As usual, I hated it. I almost escaped, but I was caught and reeled back into the bath tub. Apparently, Amy found some dingleberries and was not too happy about having to clean them out. Well, you know what I say? Dingleberries happen.

It would’ve been great had I escaped because not only was I wet but covered in shampoo. Amy would’ve freaked out if I got loose and was running around the house getting dog shampoo all over the walls and floor!

Oh and on Thursday and Friday nights, I played a bunch of rounds of Squeaky Ball vs. TV Stand. As of today, here are the current standings:

TV Stand: 16
Mango: 0

One day I will retrive that squeaky ball! One day!

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