Love Spring!

So a lot has happened since my last blog entry…the biggest news being that it’s spring! And because it’s spring, I’ve been able to spend a whole bunch of time outside. In the past week, I’ve gone on a whole bunch of walks through the woods. During one walk close to home, Amy and I decided to off-road and leave the trails behind…yeah, that didn’t work out so well. We had to trample through some rough groundcover and got some scratches, but we’re okay. Then on another day, we went to Huntley Meadows Park and wandered around on ther natural and paved trails. And then on yet another day, we went to the creek near Amy’s parents’ house, not once, but twice! I wadded into the water and tried to catch the bubbles in the water. A few days ago, we also made a trip to Lake Accotink. Here I am resting on one of the tree trunks next to the trail.

All of the forest creatures were out that day, especially squirrels and geese. Most of the geese stayed in the middle of the lake though, I wanted them to come closer.

Let’s see what else….oh, I got a new tug toy!

I had my last Applied Skills class at All About Dogs and the head trainer, Keely, made everyone tug toys! Grrrrr….don’t try and take it from me!

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