Coconut Classic 2008

We are back from the Coconut Classic! So this was my third tournament, my second “away” tournament. While I liked that last month we got to come home after a day of competing, there is something that’s great about being at an out-of-town tournament…getting my own bed at the hotel.

While I know there are dogs out there who actually like sleeping with their humans, I hate it! I mean, they can be so rude those humans. Sometimes, especially during the winter, I’ll try curling up on the bed but if Amy moves her foot one inch, I jump off the bed in a huff.

Okay, so back to the competition. We ran three teams (you can click on the name of each team to see a video on YouTube). There was my team FBI – Usual Suspects, with Riot, Lucy and Jackie/Aspen.

Here I am in action, running back up the lane.

You’ll notice that there are hardly ever photos of me at the box anymore. That’s because after our last tournament, I have the habit of pausing a bit too long at the box to pose for photos. You know, I like to say hello to the photographer, see how the box judge is doing, check out who else is walking around. And then I remember that I probably should get back up the lane so that I can play with my laser light and so that Riot and the rest of my team can run.

Okay, so our second team was FBI – Most Wanted, with Torque, Troy, Sam and Po. Not only did they win first place in their division but Torque had the highlight moment of the weekend.

So here he is running down the lane.

But, uh oh, the ball has taken a weird bounce.

Instead of giving up on it, Torque followed it.

Over the back boards.

Where he tracked down the ball, using his impeccable obedience skills (he’s a really awesome obedience competitor too) and jumped back over the back boards!

And hopped right back onto the flyball lane.

And then back over the jumps to finish his race.

AND the most amazing thing was that we actually won the race! The other team had to rerun some of their dogs. Everyone clapped when Torque got back onto the lane!

Not to be undone, this is Torque’s brother, Tilt, he’s a Papillon.

He shared time running on FBI – Special Agents, with Foster, Max, Comet and Topper. This was his big flyball debut and he earned his first two titles!

It was quite a weekend for all of us dogs. After the first day of competition, I was pooped. Here I am in the hotel on Saturday night.

I guess the human members of our flyball team get tired too although I’m not sure why, it’s not like they have to run up and down a lane jumping over hurdles in 6-7 seconds or less. Check out Amy in this photo.

I guess they don’t get to take naps like we do in our crates. Here I am in my crate. Since I’m not so fond of other dogs, my crate gets covered up so I can relax. So under that blue and green thing and all of the food is my crate.

Some other dogs have exercise pens like these dogs. How many toy poodles can you spot?

Finally, by Sunday night, all of the competition was done. I was a little sad cause I would’ve liked to have raced again. Say it ain’t so Amy.

Oh and thanks to Jackie and Po’s human, Dave, and Troy’s human, Abby for taking many of the great photos.

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