4th of July!

This past weekend was the 4th of July weekend and boy was it great! It was the best 4th of July ever! Amy and I spent the day at her Uncle John’s cabin near Toms Brook, Virginia and I had so much fun!

This is the cabin, tucked in amongst the woods. I didn’t spent almost any time inside, I was outside running around all day.

Actually, I spent some of the day running around, I also did a bunch of swimming here in the stream.

The water felt really good felt really nice. Amy and her nieces went swimming with me and a bunch of her cousins went canoeing.

After we went swimming, we all went for a hike! Here I am with all the cousins, we’re waiting for all of the adults to catch up. You know me, I’m a herder so I had to make sure that my herd stayed together.

Here I am with Amy’s mom, she and the other adults eventually caught up with up.

During our hike, I discovered glorious deer poop and like any self respecting dog, I rubbed myself all over it. Amy eventually ran up and made me stop but on the way back to the cabin, I found the same pile and resumed the rubbing. Needless to say, Amy was less than happy so when we did get back, I had to go right back in water. What? What’s wrong with some deer poop in your fur?

After our final swim of the day, we joined some of Amy’s older cousins for some fishing on a nearby bridge. Here I am with Patrick, he had the first catch of the day and it was a pretty good sized fish.

Most of the fish that they caught were more like this one though. I went up to it and sniffed it for a split second, but wasn’t too interested. I only want to chase things that can run or jump on land, you know, like deer and squirrels and toads.

Ah, what a great 4th. I hope that we can to return next year!

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