Coconut Papaya Mango Treats

I might have mentioned before that Pam, one of the trainers at All About Dogs (where Amy is a trainer and where I have taken classes for almost 4 years), calls me Mango Papaya. Well, one day Amy was checking one of our favorite online sites when she found mango papaya treats so of course she had to buy it.

Tada! Coconut Cruncher’s Papaya Mango treats.

According to the bag, dogs should love it because we love the taste of coconut.

Well, I’ll be the judge of whether or not I like it. I am quite the picky eater. Let me give this a sniff.

This is what one of the treats looks likes.

Okay, here’s the big taste test…

….and?! I didn’t eat it. Like I said, I’m a very picky eater. I have eaten them though, Amy puts them in my Kong before she leaves for work, put a little peanut butter and cheese on it and I’ll scarf it down.

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  1. LiBBy BuTTons
    - December 9, 2010 Reply

    Wow. Mango is amazing and Im so happy to have found your blog. I just got a 12 week old white headed border collie and have had great difficulty finding pics of another with so much white on the face and head. Although my Dorrie has even more white on her head than Mango~ I now have a very good idea of what she will look Like when fully grown. Ill be following Mangos blog from now on!

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