My Return to Flyball AND FBI’s Santa Hat Dogs

After a long absence from tournament competition, Amy and I went up to York, PA this past week to participate with my FBI teammates in the Jet Set Flyball Tournament. On Saturday I was able to get in some full runs during warm-ups before my team’s last two races. I did really well, stayed focused and got my ball. I also had a lot of fun, I really wanted to get in the ring and run! Then on Sunday, Amy and I went in during warm-ups before the team’s first race of the day and to our surprise, we stayed to run the first heat of the race! Apparently that had been the plan for months, Kim, the head of training, didn’t want to tell Amy because well, she gets a bit nervous and she didn’t want Amy stressing out. I did good though, so good in fact that I went in for the first heat of the second race and then ran all five heats of the third race and ran four of five heats in the last race of the day. I did it! It was really fun being able to compete again!

On Saturday, Amy also went around and made use of her newest favorite iPhone app, Santa Hat and took photos of the team FBI dogs in our holiday finest. First we’ll start with me in our room at the Red Roof Inn.

Now onto the other team dogs, let’s start with the biggest family of flyballers, the Shepherds.

Riot, he earned his 40K title this weekend!



Now we’ve got Gary and Dave’s dogs, let’s start with the Po.


Jackie O

And because Po looks the most Santa-like, Amy did a 2nd one.

Now onto the team Aussies starting with Lil’ Ricky.






Troy who earned his 30K title this weekend!


Abbey, who ran her first tournament with us.


Amy tried but she wasn’t able to get pictures of all of the team dogs, so she will have to get Foster, Aspen, Ditto, Fable, Rhyme, Skipper, Stella and Gretta at our next practice.

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  1. Terri
    - December 6, 2010 Reply

    Great job Mango this weekend! You were so focus! It was great seeing you race again! I thinking even have some video of you that I need to dig out of the camera!

    These Santa Hats are GREAT! I don’t think downtime is in your vocabulary! Thank you for sharing them!

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