Finally, another blog posting!

So I hear that there has been some clamoring for me to update my blog. I apologize to everyone that it’s taken this long. It’s been a busy few months and Amy got this new laptop that I can’t quite figure out (what is this apple on the back of it?) so I’ve been a bit lazy.
But I will do a big long post and fill everyone in on what has happened since our beach vacation.
Let’s see, in September. Oh, it was a month of birthday’s: Amy’s, her niece Kaitlyn’s, her sister Terrie’s and of course…Razz’s birthday! She turned 4! As per my birthday tradition, Amy made her a cupcake out of Natural Balance.
And here she is devouring her cupcake.
Now that I’m thinking about, I don’t think I ever posted about my 7th birthday, oh my gosh, I have been slacking! For my birthday, Amy made two Natural Balance cupcakes, one for me.
And one for Razz.
This is me waiting for my chance to eat my cupcake with my rubber squeaky chicken.
Speaking of our tournament, I think I mentioned in a previous post but I never put up this picture of me and Amy.
So Razz and I have been doing much better together. She’s like the annoying little sister that I didn’t have for the first six years of my life (Kaitlyn knows what I’m talking about). We go on a lot of walks together with David and Amy, here we are with David (usually when it’s just the two of us, it’s Amy that walks us, you know, her being a trainer and everything, she’s got the double treating action going a lot better).
After long walks, we both relax together.
At night, we usually like to have our own space to sleep, like I’ll take the futon in the back bedroom while Razz takes the bed, or if we’re in the front bedroom, I’ll sleep next to one side of the bed while Razz sleeps on the other. But sometimes, she tries to creep closer, here she is sneaking her head onto my bed.
Sometimes, you might even catch us sleeping on Amy’s bed together! This usually happens when Amy’s gone (she would not allow such a thing) and David’s in the shower. We both sneak up and he finds us like this when he comes out of the bathroom.
Speaking of David, he even had cartoon caricatures made of us! He paid someone on this web site, to do it. That symbol in the middle of us is for Jamba Juice since we were both named after smoothies.
Okay, so moving onto October and November. Well during both months Amy and David went on some trips, in October they went to New York City for a weekend and in November they went to Las Vegas for a few days. Both times, I got to go to Hotel Duong/Tram (aka Amy’s parents house) where Amy’s niece, Kaitlyn, dog sat. In October both Razz and I stayed over but in November, she went to David’s parents’ house and I stayed at Hotel Duong/Tram alone.
What else happened in November? Oh yeah, Thanksgiving! Since David went to his brother’s house where his dog Barley lives and Razz doesn’t really like Barley (she’s a puppy and apparently even MORE annoying than Razz), she came with Amy and me to Amy’s parents’ house. Here we are eagerly awaiting for the turkey to emerge from the stove, mmmm…it smelled so good!
And here is Razz begging from Amy’s sister, Vicki. Vicki is the BEST about feeding us when we beg. For some reason it gets Amy all in a tizzy but both of us LOVE it!
Of course Amy prepared a special Thanksgiving feast for us too with our regular dog food, turkey and stuffing. Yum!
We were two happy border collies on Thanksgiving!
And now, now we’re in December! And the biggest news of December is that after two years, I finally earned my next flyball title! The first weekend of December, Amy and I went to the Jet Set Tournament in York, PA. Thanks to team veteran Max (with whom I shared a spot), I was able to get in enough heats to earn my title as a Flyball Dog Champion Gold! Here I am in action with my team, FBI Criminal Minds.

And here I am with my new ribbons. Not only did I get my new title but our team placed third!
Of course my favorite part of going to tournaments, always, is getting my own bed in the motel. Ahhhh…
And next up, Christmas! Here’s Razz in front of our Christmas tree.
David took this picture when Amy and I were at flyball practice. Apparently when we first left, Razz waited patiently at the door for us, wondering where we’d gone.
So I will try my best to post a blog after Christmas. Razz and I are getting in the holiday spirit, here we are in our Christmas scarves!
Oh and here I am about to eat a delicious doggie candy cane. Amy went to the trainer’s holiday party last weekend and one of the trainers, Pilot and Jasmine’s owner, Caitlin, and her grandmother made amazing baked doggie treats for all of us.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Kim
    - December 17, 2011 Reply

    Mango we were so proud of you at the Jet Set Tourney. You and Amy have worked so hard. Now what you didn’t mention was that fact that you were so excited you were running faster than expected and caused us to break out. Riot will run with you any day.

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