Bye Bye Brush

Amy and David just came home from dinner and found this on the floor.


Guess who ate the bristles? I’ll give you a clue, it was a dog who lives in our house and it WASN’T me! Yup, Razz struck again! I was baby gated in the family room and I saw the whole thing. I told her not to do it, don’t eat that brush! But she wouldn’t listen.

Sunday Morning at Occoquan

Amy took Razz and me to Occoquan Regional Park last Sunday for a nice long walk. We hadn’t been there for a while so it was a nice treat.


In the past few weeks, Amy’s been taking us on a trail near our house and letting both of us off leash. I’ve always been pretty good off leash but Razz has been much better.


More bed pics


Sometimes I prefer to have my legs dangling off the end.


Sometimes I need the bed to cradle me just so.


Oftentimes Razz takes over my bed and she mocks me by doing this! That’s only one paw on the “bed”!

Bye bye Koko

A sad thing happened today, we said goodbye to my cousin, Koko. I knew Koko my whole life. When we first met, we were almost the same size but since he was a mini dachshund, I quickly outgrew him. We used to play together when I was a puppy. Until Razz came along, he was the only dog I could be around. Below are links to some past posts that I wrote about Koko:


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Playing with Koko. November 17, 2004

At Koko’s House.  October 27, 2004


This picture was taken a few weeks ago at Amy’s parents’ Chinese New Year dinner: Koko with Pookie. He wasn’t feeling very well then, now he can rest in peace. Bye bye Koko, you’ll be missed, we loved you.


Birthday Cake


We celebrated Amy’s mom’s birthday this weekend with a lemon cake decorated with fruits. I requested the first piece. I didn’t care much for the fruits but the cake was yummy.