Monthly Archives: June 2006

Sad News

I have some sad news to report today…Spirit, David’s family’s dog, died over the weekend. Even though Spirit and I didn’t exactly get along, I know he was a great dog because everyone loved him. Hey, how can you not love a herding dog? I mean really, it’s almost impossible. He loved barking and food and of course, he loved his family. David told me that once Spirit opened his backpack and ate an entire package of gum. Of course, I don’t think dogs are meant to eat gum, but that didn’t stop Spirit, oh no, minty fresh breath should not only be available to humans. His death took everyone by surprise and we will all miss and remember him. Hopefully he’s up in doggie heaven right now eating all the gum he wants and not suffering any ill effects from it…hey Spirit, I hear that Orbitz is supposed to be pretty good.


It’s summer everyone! I’m sorry that I haven’t written a blog entry in such a long time. Let’s see, what has happened since April? Well, Amy and I are still going to classes at All About Dogs every week. It’s going pretty well but there have been times when I still get a little worried about dogs being too close to me. Our trainers, Mary and Martha are great and come up with fun games to do. One time we even got cheese puffs! Some of us stole some out of a big bowl when we weren’t supposed to, but hey, we’re dogs, that’s what we do.

Let’s see, and we are also still going to Leesburg on the weekends to see Kathryn from Canine Character for our Reactive Dog class. Kathryn is great too! She says that I have the best greeting behavior and I must agree. Last weekend I was being a pain and didn’t want to eat any of my treats. I spit out almost everything Amy gave me including meatballs, cheese, chicken and Vienna Sausages. This past week I was better though and I think I had one of my best classes. Josie, Kathryn’s border collie, and Hallie, a fellow classmate, she’s a daschund mix, got really close to me, but I stayed focused. I even stayed calm when a new dog, Ben, a Shiloh Shepherd, started barking like crazy.

So other than our classes, Amy and I go for nice long walks everyday. We’ve explored almost every place within a 5-6 mile radius of our house. We’ve been able to find paths and neighborhoods where we don’t see a lot of other dogs or people so I stay more relaxed and just have a good time walking.

I turned 2 years old this month! Happy Birthday to me and my brothers and sisters! I don’t know where they all went but I hope they were able to find great families like mine.

What else? Oh, yesterday I almost pulled myself and Amy into a lake so that I could catch some geese. Amy was a bit mad because she got dragged on her bottom and I got geese poop all over my front paws, but she got her revenge when she washed my paws off in the backyard with the garden hose…I hate that thing.

Oh and one more thing, I’ve got desktop calendars! David has started creating monthly desktop calendars of pictures that he takes of me. Just click on these thumb nails and you’ll get a full size version. Enjoy!

April – a nice spring day at the park with flowers blooming.

May (sorry no May)

June – I am Mango, hear me roar!

July – Gotta go, there’s a frisbee I need to catch! See ya’ later alligator!