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No more being stuck in the house!

Last weekend, Amy and I were stuck at home because of the second blizzard of the winter but this weekend we went back to our normal weekend routine and were able to go over to Amy’s parents house. This was especially important because today is Chinese New Year! Anyway, getting to their house wasn’t so easy, this is what their roads looked like.


But once we got to the house, I couldn’t wait to get to their backyard and do you know why?


Snow frisbee!


I mentioned the Olympics a few days ago (we are watching the pairs skating short program as we speak) and if I could add a new sport, I would add canine snow frisbee!


While Amy did most of the frisbee throwing on Saturday, Ashlie was my designated frisbee thrower for Sunday. Of course, running around in snow gets very tiring and during my breaks, Ashile would help my hydrate by making snow balls for me to eat. I wasn’t sure what to think about them at first.


But when I realized I could catch them in my mouth AND eat them, I was all in!


Ah, after a weekend like this, I almost wish that the snow will never go away.


Something to look forward to

Ah, another February day in Northern Virginia and still there is still snow, snow, snow everywhere as far as the eye can see.


Actually, I guess there is more than snow, there are icicles of death! Like these outside our house.

Icicles 1

But as it turns out these are pretty tame compared to one of our neighbors, check this out!

Icicles 2

But very soon, like in less than 24 hours, there will be something else to look forward to other than all of this white stuff…it’s the 2010 Vancouver Olympics! Here I am all decked out in my 2010 vest. See that? It’s an inukshuk, his name is “Ilanaaq” and he’s the mascot logo of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Okay, I might not look too happy in this picture but that’s just because Amy told me that opening ceremonies don’t actually start till Friday night.

Vancouver 2

I can’t wait though, every night I’m going to cuddle up on my couch with the Olympic mascots: Quatchi, Miga and Sumi. I’m looking forward to figure skating and speed skating, to ice hockey and downhill skiing. It’s going to be great! Oh yeah and Amy’s pretty excited too, especially since her sister lived in Vancouver for two years and both years Amy went and visited her. That might be why we have all of these Olympic souvenirs. I think it’s pretty cool though, we got them right from the source.

Vancouver 1

Ashlie’s Letter to Me!

Last month Amy’s niece Ashlie had to write a nice letter to someone and I am honored that she picked me! She loves playing with me and knows what all of my favorite activities are, as her letter clearly shows.

Ashlie's Letter

Blizzard of 2010

Before this weekend, I thought that I would never see as much snow as I did during the blizzard this past December. Well, as it turns out, I was wrong. I didn’t think it would be possible but this past weekend, we got even MORE snow! Amy didn’t even bother to measure, it was definitely at least 2 feet tall and it was crazy! It made for a very pretty picture though.


Since there was more snow and the snow wasn’t as fluffy and light as the last blizzard, we didn’t go romping around in the woods as much, but we did manage to get out there. Luckily, someone blazed this trail for us. Come on Amy, what are you waiting for?!


In our own neighborhood, the plowing crews did a great job keeping our roads cleared but when we ventured outside of our neighborhood, we found that some streets weren’t even touched. Like this street, we had to blaze our own trail. Like last time, I had to bunny hop my way through the snow, it’s tiring!


After our foray into other neighborhoods during our morning walk, we decided to stick to our own neighborhood for our evening walk and found this guy, Super Snowman! Amy called him Snowtorious BIG.


Want to know why he’s Snowtorious BIG? It’s not just because he’s got a big “S” on his chest. It’s because he’s huge!


Amy says it’s supposed to snow again on Tuesday. I’ll admit that I love snow and winter but there is a part of me that wouldn’t mind a return to this.