8 years young

I know, I know, I’ve been very lax in updating my blog, but life has been crazy busy since the new year. First, we moved! We left the townhouse that I grew up in to a bigger house that’s pretty close by. In fact, the first time we visited the house was during one of our weekend morning walks. One of the reasons why Amy and David decided to buy it was because it’s got a fenced-in yard for Razz and I to run around in. Here we are :)

The house is a lot bigger and it’s perfect for us crazy border collies and our zoomies.

As you can see, we really like the new house, there even is a fox that lives in the woods behind our house! Razz and I will sense him sometimes at night and bark and bark to let everyone know that sneaky fox is around. For some reason, Amy and David seem to get very upset about this, who cares if it’s 3AM? There’s a fox outside!

So yes, selling the old house and moving into the new house has kept us all pretty busy. And now we find ourselves in June! It’s crazy! And even more than that, I have turned 8 years old!

Keeping with tradition, Amy made me a Natural Balance cupcake but this year as a special bonus, she also baked me bone shaped doggie cupcakes!

I snuck in a cupcake before she was able to get a picture of me posing with my birthday platter of goodies.

Now I have to try really hard to be good, I am 8 after all, I should be able to do whatever I want, I’m a senior!

Let’s see what other big news is there to report? Oh, I competed in FBI’s flyball tournament last month, I shared a spot and Baklava and did really well! If you click on this link, you’ll see my times.

At the end of this month, Amy and I are headed back up to York, PA for the Coconut Classic tournament.